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19.  Ensuring livelihood support and security of Farmers:

Provisions of credit at low interest rates, delinking credit sanction from Land Titles, securing remunerative price of farm produce and participation in equal competition in Global market are required for ensuring of livelihood support and farmers right.

A.  The Association demands to the State Government for recommendation to the Govt. of India for enactment of the following, viz.

·         To recommend to the GOI for protesting the anti-farmer policies in the WTO in collaboration with other States and developing Countries till favorable decisions are arrived at and to provide livelihood security within a time to enable to raise our domestic productivity till participation in equal competition is secured.

·         To restrain from implementation of the SSEPER through an autonomous agency, i.e. ATMA and not to substitute the Public Extension System with private Agency. In sharp contrast strengthening of Public Extension System, involvement of and monitoring through three tier Panchayat Raj Institutions, contribution of 10% share of Govt., non-realization of service charges from the farmers etc., should constitute the focal theme of ATMA and thereby ATMA should function in commensurate to the policies of State Govt. and the model should not be a replica of GOI’s model.

 B. The Association demands to the State Government for immediate   intervention into the entire marketing chain, viz. processing, value addition. Marketing of agricultural produce for securing remunerative price through encouraging and strengthening support to co-operative marketing.

20. Provisions at the GTA: 

      The Association upholds that Agriculture in Hilly zone is the main stay of sustenance of the populace. It is imperative therefore that Agriculture should be the core area of all developmental interventions. In this perspective, the Association places demands for:

      a) The Deputy Director of Agriculture (Administration), Darjeeling and Deputy Director of Agriculture (Administration), Kalimpong should be treated as Ex-officio Secretary of Agriculture Department of the GTA and should execute all Administrative and Financial powers in place of the existing Secretary (WBCS) due to technicalities of job.

      b) Formation of a new post of Deputy Director of Agriculture (Training) Hill zone in the Agricultural Training Centre, Kalimpong, Darjeeling for efficient discharge in capacity building of the Hill people. One post of Assistant Director of Agriculture (Training) of ATC Kalimpong may be surrendered and simultaneously upgraded to Deputy Director of Agriculture (Training) for which there will be no financial burden to the Government.

      c) The vacant post of Research Officer at “Potato Research and Experimental Farm”, Bhanjan, Darjeeling should be upgraded to Assistant Botanist in WBAS (Research) to undertake immediate research on potato wart diseases which is prevalent in the hills. This farm has the facility to produce foundation seed of Potato by way of strengthening its research work on Wart in particular. The new varieties suitable for West Bengal can also be evolved like Kufri of Himachal Pradesh.

      d) The post of Agril. Chemist, STL, Kalimpong was surrendered along with other 02 (two) posts of Agril. Chemists during re-orientation of Chemistry and other disciplines long back. As such, the present post of Assistant Agril. Chemist, STL, Kalimpong requires to be declared as Drawing & Disbursing Officer (DDO) of the said office for smooth functioning.

21. Creation of one post of Deputy Director of Agriculture at Zilla Parishad of each District and at Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad:

      The Association demands that for better co-ordination between the district administration and district agriculture office, one post in the rank of Deputy Director of Agriculture should immediately be created at each Zilla Parishad and Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad.


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