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Package of Practices

Misti tulsi( Stevia nrebaudiana) Fam: Asteraceae

  • It is a 2- 2.5 ft. long perennial shrub having small white flower.
  • Variety- SRB-123,SRB-125,SRB- 127,SKB-512
  • Spacing-35 cm x 1cm
  • Seed rate- 13,000 -13,4500 seedling /bigha (33 dec.)
  • Fertiliser-2MT compost/FYM (Trichoderma viridi or Pseudomonas sps. Is recommended).
  • Irrigation- Sensitive to excess soil moisture and water stress condition. Preferably drip or sprinkler irrigation method is followed.
  • Harvesting- After 3 months of planting the buds have to be chopped otherwise active ingredient will be depleted.
  • Production-Annually 7-9 MT of dry leaves can be obtained and profitable business can be continued for 3 years profitably.
  • Use- It is a calorie free sweetener. Main component is steriolglycosides.


Safed musli ( Chlorophytura borivillanum )

  • Very beautiful herb, small star like flowers. Flowering during March -July. It flourishes well in terai and the Dooars area. Prefers lateritic soil.
  • Variety- CBI-3, MCB-412, NRCCB-1, NRCCB-2
  • Seed rate -Seedlings can be grown from root. 75-80 thousand roots/ hac.
  • Sowing time- During April. Seedlings are prepared by June. Direct sowing of roots can also be done in the main field. During June-July finger like roots are sown.
  • Spacing- 10-12".
  • Fertiliser- 2MT compost/FYM per bigha.
  • Harvesting-5-6months after DAT,when root colour is deep brown. It is harvested and small root are left for next season.
  • Processing- Keep the harvested roots 4-5 days in shade. Press with finger on the top of root to separate the outer cover from the original roots and when the white colour (milky) main root is exposed, then it is cleaned and dried for 1-2 weeks and then sold.
  • Production- Normally after drying 20 % roots can be collected from total root collection.
  • It is sold @ Rs.800-1500/0 /kg. Per hactare income is Rs.8,00,000- Rs.15,00,000/-.
  • Use- It is a alkaloid rich in protein, vitamins, steroids, polysaccharides and is used as a tonic. It can be used as a remedy for weakness.

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