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16.  Creation of a total of 690 nos. of additional posts of Assistant Director of Agriculture

@ 2 in each Block of West Bengal.

16.1 The Agril. Technologists working at the very grass root level since Independence has been subjected to sheer apathy and neglect. Proper working facilities (office, residential quarter) were not provided despite having such provisions under World Bank Assistance during 1970. Virtually most offices are run by the lone Asstt. DA with 1-3 other sub-ordinate staffs including KPS due to vacancies. As such, what the Govt. or the Society as a whole, can ask, or more precisely expect, from Asstt. DAs of blocks.

16.2 Presently there is only one Agricultural Technologist at the Block level working under the Department of Agriculture as Assistant Director of Agriculture, who has to perform all the statutory works besides looking after the office administration, implementation of a number of schemes under the Department, effective role in the PRIs for agricultural development & visits, organizing farmers meeting etc. It is imperative that it is practically impossible to shoulder such a huge responsibility for a single person to the desired level. Apart from this, ongoing Centrally Sponsored flagship Schemes, like RKVY, BGREI,NFSM,ATMA, NRAA, BFBY, PKVY, BKSY, SDRF, KCC, Krishak Bandhu and many others to come, would be and being implemented. It is quite absurd for the Assistant Director of Agriculture, being overburdened already, can perform those herculean tasks.

16.3 Besides performing statutory administrative jobs, the Assistant Director of Agriculture of blocks have to perform enforcement activities as Fertilizer Inspectors, Seed Inspectors and Insecticide Inspectors, in addition to dissemination of modern and updated technologies to farmers.

16.4 The Association therefore, demands for creation of additional 690 additional posts of Assistant Director of Agriculture @ two (02) in each of the 345 Agricultural blocks in the State as it has been done earlier in ARD Department.

17.  Adequate manning in Centrally Sponsored Scheme / Missions

The Association observes that there has been a spurt in Mission mode programmes launched by the GOI as well as flush of funds in the Agril. Sector. These mission mode activities, despite their objective of growth in Agril. Sector, do not provide scope for adequate manning on regular basis, rather emphasizes on compulsion in the contractual appointments in various categories. State Government, despite these compulsions, should come forward for adequate manning on regular basis for sustainable development. The Association therefore demands that there should be adequate infrastructure and manning on regular basis under these Mission either by GOI or State Govt. or in collaboration like permanent schemes.

18. Implementation of all the Central and State Schemes through the Directorate of Agriculture:

        Association observes that a few no. of schemes like KCC, BFBY, BKSY etc are directly supervised and monitored through communications to the district and even sub-division level by the Agriculture Department keeping in dark the DA & EOS & the Directorate HQ which is bypassing the hierarchy in the Department.

We demand that all schemes are to be monitored and supervised maintaining hierarchy.


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