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18.   Adequate manning in Centrally Sponsored Scheme / Missions

The Association observes that there has been a spurt in Mission mode programmes launched by the GOI as well as flush of funds in the Agril. Sector. These mission mode activities, despite their objective of growth in Agril. Sector, do not provide scope for adequate manning on regular basis, rather emphasizes on compulsion in the contractual appointments in various categories. State Government, despite these compulsions, should come forward for adequate manning on regular basis for sustainable development. The Association therefore demands that there should be adequate infrastructure and manning on regular basis under these Mission either by GOI or State Govt. or in collaboration like permanent schemes.

19. Implementation of all the Central and State Schemes through the Directorate of Agriculture:

        Association observes that a few no. of schemes like KCC, BSB, BKSY etc are directly supervised and monitored through communications to the district and even sub-division level by the Agriculture Department keeping in dark the DA & EOS & the Directorate HQ which is bypassing the hierarchy in the Department.

We demand that all schemes are to be monitored and supervised maintaining hierarchy.

20.   Ensuring livelihood support and security of Farmers:

Provisions of credit at low interest rates, delinking credit sanction from Land Titles, securing remunerative price of farm produce and participation in equal competition in Global market are required for ensuring of livelihood support and farmers right.

A.  The Association demands to the State Government for recommendation to the Govt. of India for enactment of the following, viz.

·         To restrain from implementation of the SSEPER through an autonomous agency, i.e. ATMA and not to substitute the Public Extension System with private Agency. In sharp contrast strengthening of Public Extension System, involvement of and monitoring through three tier Panchayat Raj Institutions, contribution of 10% share of Govt., non-realization of service charges from the farmers etc., should constitute the focal theme of ATMA and thereby ATMA should function in commensurate to the policies of State Govt. and the model should not be a replica of GOI’s model.

 B. The Association demands to the State Government for immediate   intervention into the entire marketing chain, viz. processing, value addition. Marketing of agricultural produce for securing remunerative price through encouraging and strengthening support to co-operative marketing.

21. Provisions at the GTA: 

            In the context of Darjeeling & Kalimpong District under Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) our Association places the following demands for overall development and benefit of agrarian farmers of Hill Region as follows:

a.      Creation of a new post of Deputy Director of Agriculture(Training),Hill Zone at ATC,Kalimpong by surrendering  one post out of the existing three post of Assistant Director of agriculture (Training) without hampering financial burden to the Govt.Exchequer  with the sole objective of imparting trainings to the backward farmers of the Hill region.

b.      Up gradation of Potato Research & Experimental Farm,Ghoom-Bhanjyang & Sonada into Potato Research Station(Hill Zone) with required mandate with a view to undertake different activities on Potato Crop such as breeding & release of Wart immune potato varieties, mass multiplication of immune varieties for seed purpose, conduction of trials, replacement of existing cultivated varieties with wart immune varieties at farmers field level with the ultimate intent to come out form the already Govt. imposed embargo due to wart disease of Potato.

c.       The present post of Assistant Agricultural Chemist at STL, Kalimpong is still under the establishment of the Assistant Director of Agriculture (Administration), Kalimpong.Hence the post Assistant Agricultural Chemist, STL, Kalimpong need to be conferred the power of full- fledged Drawing & Disbursing Function as an independent establishment for smooth functioning.


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