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Creation of Discipline wise one post of “Additional Director of Agriculture” by surrendering equal number of posts in Basic Grade:

The following five posts of Additional Director of Agriculture, one in each discipline, need to be created in pay scale No. 19, for smooth functioning of research work in the field of agriculture in the State of West Bengal.


Sl. No.


Proposed Designation in scale no. 19



Additional Director of Agriculture (Crop Improvement)


Mycology and Plant Pathology

Additional Director of Agriculture ( Disease Management)



Additional Director of Agriculture ( Insect Pest Management)



Additional Director of Agriculture (Soil Health Management)



Additional Director of Agriculture (Resource management)


3.    Creation of Discipline wise separate Directorate under the Department of Agriculture:

The Agriculture Department is, at present, shouldering the herculean task of various departmental aspects of Agriculture of the State with the help of a single Directorate even at this stage when multifaceted approach for overall Crop Production is necessary. Handling of Agriculture Research, Soil and Water Conservation, Plant Protection, Seed Production and Quality Control, Transfer of Technology and Extension for the State as a whole by a single Directorate set up has already proved to be inadequate to deliver the goods in terms of our needs.

There is no dispute that availability of land will inevitably be decreased due to urbanization, industrialization and other causes. This will certainly call for efficient use of every square inch of land as well as conversion of non- agricultural land to agriculture in course of time. Water is also another gradually limiting input. Seed, the most important input is becoming the weapon for economic supremacy. Endowed with diverse agro-climate, seed production potential of our State requires to be harnessed.

In order to use every square inch of land efficiently, to generate more crop per drop of water and to harvest the seed production potential, the time is fitting for restructuring the present set up of the Department by creating several Directorates as mentioned below and elevating the post of Director of Agriculture & Ex-Officio Secretary as Director General of Agriculture, West Bengal & E O Secretary. This restructuring will devolve funds and function in the specific areas of activities and facilitate timely supervision and monitoring for achieving the ultimate objectives.

The Association, therefore, likes to propose again for creation of seven (7) numbers of separate posts of Director of Agriculture as mentioned below under overall supervision and control of the Director General of Agriculture, West Bengal & Ex- Officio Secretary by renaming the existing post of the Director of Agriculture & Ex-Officio Secretary.

Creation of seven posts of Director of Agriculture , West Bengal in the existing Pre-revised  pay scale no. 20 (Rs. 16400-450-20000 /-) i.e. Pay Band 5 Grade Pay Rs. 8900/-(ROPA 2009) by surrendering similar number of posts in the basic grade in scale no. 16 in the following manner.


Sl. No.

Proposed Designation

Overall in charge of and will report to the Director General of Agriculture & EOS, West Bengal




Director of Agriculture ( Extension & Training), West Bengal

Technology Dissemination, Human Resource Development, Disaster Management etc.


Director of Agriculture ( Food Grain Production), West Bengal

Development of food crops like cereals, pulses and oilseeds, adaptive research on food crops etc.


Director of Agriculture ( Commercial Crops), West Bengal

Production and development of Jute, Cotton and other fibre crops in addition to Sugarcane, Potato and other tuber crops.


Director of Agriculture (Soil & Water Conservation), West Bengal

Soil and Water conservation, watershed management etc.


Director of Agriculture ( Inputs), West Bengal

Distribution and Quality control of all agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilizers, micro-nutrients, Bio and Organic fertilizers, pesticides, farm implements etc.


Director of Agriculture (Administration), West Bengal

General Administration of the Directorate of Agriculture, cadre/ service maintaining cells etc.




Director of Agriculture ( Research) West Bengal

Plan and execute programmes to bridge the gap between the potential and actual production, research programme (fundamental as well as Adaptive research) in the fields of Agriculture.



The Director General of Agriculture, West Bengal & Ex- Officio Secretary should be appointed from amongst above seven Directors of Agriculture on the basis of seniority cum merit and as per recruitment rules to be notified.

4.    Publication of Recruitment Rule for appointment to the post of Director of Agriculture & Ex-Officio Secretary, Department of Agriculture:

The post of Director of Agriculture, West Bengal was upgraded long back to the post of Director of Agriculture & Ex-Officio Secretary, West Bengal vide No. 4661-PAR (IAS) dated 02.08.91 but the Recruitment Rules for the said upgraded post have not been notified yet.

For the sake of transparency and records, the Association again demands immediate publication of the Recruitment Rules for appointment to the post of Director of Agriculture & Ex-Officio Secretary, West Bengal.

5.    Manning of the posts by Agricultural Technologists which are now manned by Administrative officers:

As has been done in the Health Department, following posts in the Agriculture Department should be manned by the Senior Technical Officers of the Agriculture Directorate to accelerate the pace of work and easy understanding of the proposals. The important decisions in the files are either delayed or denied by the officers concerned only due to lack of Agriculture background. As such, the Association demands that the following posts in the Agriculture Department should be, manned by the Officers from Agriculture Directorate with Agriculture background.

Sl. No.

Posts to be filled up by the Officers from Directorate of Agriculture


Joint Secretary (Development)


Deputy Secretary (Budget & Planning)


Deputy Secretary ( Inputs)


Besides, there is no technical officer in the Agriculture Department to assist the Additional Chief/ Principal Secretary in respect of Technical matters. Therefore, it is the demand of the Association that a new post of Special Secretary (Technical) should be created and filled up by a senior officer of the Directorate.

6.    Strengthening of the State Seed Certification Agency:

Quality seed is one of the basic inputs for development in Agriculture. To sustain agricultural production, and also to achieve self-sufficiency in seed production as well as to achieve 5.0% growth rate in agricultural production in West Bengal, due importance should be given to production & timely distribution of improved seeds among the farming community. Despite the establishment of West Bengal State Seed Certification Agency in 1983 with these objectives, the desired output could not be harnessed. At that time, only 300 ha was under seed certification programme in the State which has gone beyond 140 times at present. But neither a single staff nor any infrastructural facility has been provided to strengthen the W.B. State Seed Certification Agency. Due to this acute shortage of staff & facilities to the agency, the officials of this agency have to work with a tremendous work load for which the quality seed production programme of this State is being hampered to a great extent and the farming community is also suffering a lot.

The Association demands that, West Bengal State Seed Certification Agency should be strengthened immediately as per the need of the Seed Industries and the farming community of the State.

7.    Proper manning of the Office of the Deputy Director of Agriculture (Administration), Alipurduar, Purba Bardhaman and Howrah and Assistant Director of Agricultural (Admn.) Office, Egra:

It is quite imperative that creation of Agricultural Districts and Sub-Division without providing adequate manpower does hardly serve any purpose. The offices of the Deputy Director of Agriculture (Administration), Alipurduar, Purba Bardhaman and Howrah and Assistant Director of Agriculture (Admn.), Egra are inadequately manned. The Association demands strengthening of those offices with appropriate manpower immediately.

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