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          a)      Membership of this Association shall be opened to all agricultural technologists’ having a basic degree in Agriculture & working under the Government of West Bengal in the Department of Agriculture. The membership of this Association is also opened to all Agricultural Officers specially those in Research service who were in service prior to the period of upgradation irrespective of degrees those officers posses and officers being directly appointed by the agriculture department in the Pay Band 4A and above, provided that :                 

                   i)   He / She shall submit an application (Annexure-I) expressing his / her willingness to be a member of the Association along with requisite entry fee. His / Her application should be addressed to the General Secretary through the respective District Secretary. On receipt of the same from the District Secretary along with the comments of the D.E.C, it will be placed to the C.E.C for approval.  The decision of the C.E.C will be communicated to the concerned applicant through the District Secretary.

                   ii)   He / She shall subscribe the membership fee as may fixed by the Association from time to time.

                   iii)  He/ She shall abide by the rules and regulations laid down in the constitution and also the decision

                         and directives of the Central Executive Committee as well as the District / Sub-Divisional Executive

                        Committee and the resolutions taken in General Meeting of the Association.

                  iv)       He / She should not be a member of any other Service Association.

                   v)       The members of the Association may opt for honorary membership of the Association only after their retirement on superannuation with the payment of one time subscription for such honorary membership as may be determined by the C. E.C of the Association from time to time. Rights and privileges of such honorary members to precipitate or to franchise in any election of the Association shall be ceased from the date of their retirement. 

          b)      Rights & Obligation of Member :

                   Every member of the Association shall have following rights and obligation :

                   i)       To elect his / her representative in any election of the Association provided his / her name exists in the voter list.

                   ii)       To raise and / or suggest items for discussion and consideration to the Central Executive Committee, District Executive Committee (DEC), Sub-Divisional Executive Committee (SEC) or any sub-committee formed by Central Executive Committee or District Executive Committee.

                   iii)      To bring to the notice of the DEC / SEC, Sub Committee his / her individual difficulty or grievances and policy matter of the Association which shall be taken care of by the DEC / SEC, Sub-Committee depending on the merit of case.

                   iv)      He / She can bring to the notice of the Central Executive Committee if he / she is not satisfied with the decision of the DEC / SEC.

                   v)      To pay his / her subscription within the prescribed time to the Dist. Secretary / Dist. Treasurer / Sub-Divisional Secy. / Sub-Divisional Treasurer or authorized representative of Dist. Secretary at his / her own initiative.

                   vi)      To perform such functions and / or to adopt such measure as will be incremental to the interest of the Sub- Divisional and / or District and / or Central Executive Committee of the Association.

                   vii)     To take part / associate himself / herself in all the programme of the Association even if this participation causes his / her personal difficulty / loss.

                   viii)    He / She may contest for anyone post in any election at all level from subdivision to central. But he/she will be member in maximum 2 (two) continuous committees i.e. Subdivision-District/District-Central. Member of Central Secretariat (C.S.) can not hold any post at District/Subdivision level as the case may be.

                   ix)      He / She should reply, respond, and appear before sub-committee, empowered office bearer, Central Executive Committee, District Executive Committee or Sub-Divisional Executive Committee

          c)       Cessation & Termination of Membership:

i) The membership of a member may be terminated / ceased if His / Her       activities are deemed prejudicial/detrimental to the interest of the Association.The C.E.C. consequent upon recommendation/appeal of the C.S. will or may directly annul or suspend a member from the membership of the Association, if it situation so warrants or demands.

                   ii)       He / She resigned from the service. He / She should remitt all dues, liabilities to the G.S. through the D.S. to that effect. If necessary, Govt. will be moved for recovery of such dues.

                   iii)      He / She fails to pay his / her subscription continuously for three months.

                   iv)      He / She violates any of the clause of the constitution.

                   v)      He / She resigns from the membership by a letter addressed to the General Secretary through the District Secretary / Sub Divn. Secy. On receipt of such letters from the D.S. along with his / her comment. it will be placed to the C.E.C for decision. If accepted, the resignation will get effect from the date of the meeting where it has been accepted. The member should however remitt all his / her liabilities dues to the Association at the time of submitting the resignation letter.

                   vi)      He / She fails to attend / participate in 3 consecutive meetings of the Dist. Unit without showing satisfactory reason of his / her absence.

                   vii)     He / She fails to observe his obligation.


          d)      i)       The Central Executive Committee shall decide depending upon the nature of the case and / or recommendation of the District Executive Committee to terminate or suspend for specific period of time, the membership of a member. A member during his / her suspension by the Association, shall not enjoy the right of membership.

                   ii)       The C.E.C. may restore the membership of terminated/suspended member provided he/she applies for such restoration in writing to the General Secretary of the Association.



          i)        Any person qualifies Clause 3(a) of the Constitution of SATSA, WB and desires to be a member of the Association, shall pay Rs.500/- (Rupees five hundred) only as entry fee.

          ii)       Every member of the Association shall have to pay the subscription in advance every year by monthly, half-yearly, in installment (s) as decided in the BGM from time to time. The present rate of subscription shall be RS. 50/- per month with effect from the January 2007. In case of honorary members of the Association, one time payment of Rs. 1000.00 (Rupees one thousand) only may be paid w. e. f. January, 2011.

          iii)      Donations may be thankfully accepted from the members and well wishers of the Association.

        iv)      Each member of the Association shall have to pay Rs. 50/- (Rupees Fifty) only annually as Magazine Subscription for SATSA MUKHOPATRA issues including SATSA Bulletin. Membership for magazine may also be thankfully accepted from the individuals other than members of the Association against payment of prescribed subscription.